Fatip Grande Safety Razor Review


Blade Change:

We got off on the wrong foot the Fatip Grande and I, and we had a real tough time getting things back on track. The first couple of shaves resulted in more cuts and nicks that I am accustomed to (which is usually zero – but I provide some leeway for new razors), but I chalked it up to being unfamiliar with the razor. Then there was the dreaded night of the party. Company was coming over and I was running out of time, I ran upstairs for a quick shave, naturally grabbed my newest razor and shaved a little too quickly and with not enough focus, leaving my face a burning nightmare for the rest of the evening. But I refused to give up on the razor – after all I loved the way it feels, the way it looks, even the price point is attractive. There had to be a way for me to salvage this razor experience.

IMG_20150102_160538I discovered, as with all razors really, is that less force/pressure is key for a comfortable and successful shave. It just seemed that I required even less pressure with the Fatip Grande than with any of my other razors. The culprit more than likely is that I am working with an open comb razor instead of one with a safety bar – which can be found on all of my other razors (I did own another open comb razor but I gave it to my dad soon after receiving it). Once I learned to ease up, the experience improved, but unfortunately the damage was done, four of five weeks later, I still pick up the razor with a sense of hesitation based on my first few experiences. A fault of mine surely – I should be able to let it go – but I am unable. I will definitely keep the razor, I do like it, I hope to have more confidence with it the more I use it.


I have to give it a 3 for balance simply because the handle is so light. Nearly all of the weight is in the cutting head of the razor, which I guess could be one of the factors contributing to my longer than usual learning curve with this razor. That is not to say that the razor is unusable, rather that it may take some getting use to.


The handle has a great, classic looking design. the ribs that run along the handle provides a great grip. The nub at the bottom of the handle also a nice touch aesthetically and functionally – I am able to rest my little finger on there for some added control. Not a 5/5 simply because it is a bit too light (see above).

Blade Exposure: Semi/Aggressive

The nature of the open comb will make the razor somewhat more aggressive than one with a safety bar – but I can’t say that the Fatip Grande is an aggressive razor. After my first few experiences I would have definitely said super aggressive, but that was more me than the razor.


Nothing wrong with the price of the Fatip Grande, it’s what one would expect for a razor of this build, on par with other razors like the Edwin Jagger 89lbl or the Parker 89R. I’m not sure if it would make for a great starter razor, but perhaps a good place to start with your first open comb.

Just for the record, the Fatip Grande I own is the nickel version, it is also available in chrome, gunmetal black, and gold. For more information check out Amazon.

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