Father’s Day Gift Guide 2016 Edition

Only a couple of weeks away, but still plenty of time to pick up a Father’s Day gift for the father or fathers in your life. For this years edition of the Father’s Day gift guide I decided to lump suggestions into three categories, not based on price, but on level of experience (or size of collection) of the father in your life.

Father’s Day For the Rookie

If the dad you are buying for is a cartridge shaver here are a few suggestion to get them started with a nice introductory set that won’t break the bank, but will also not disappoint.

There are many good options for an introductory razor, but I would go with the Merkur “1904” (review here).  It is a quality razor, it isn’t too aggressive, it also has the a short handle which adds some novelty for someone who has only known life with a cartridge system razor, and of course the price point is attractive.

Without question I would suggest the Omega Boar Shaving brush as a starter shaving brush.  My first brush was an introductory Omega shaving brush and I am still using it today. Great quality for the price point and it provides an excellent introduction to what it means to lather with a shave brush and not straight from a can.

I included Proraso Green (review here) in this introductory set because it is a classic Italian soap, with a Eucalyptus and Menthol scent – which if you the dad you are buying this for is only familiar with mass market shave creams he will find this an interesting departure but not so far off that it will turn him off.

Finally for an aftershave, Clubman Pinaud Classic Original Scent (review here). If you are a lady reading this you may not be able to relate, but all the men out there that used to (or still do) head to a barber to get their hair cut, the Clubman will transport them back to that barbershop. Oh and it works great and priced right.

Father’s Day For the Dad who has his wet shaving feet wet

If you are buying for a dad who has already taken the plunge into wet shaving and it seems to be sticking you may want to consider upgrading some of his gear for him.

Without question the razor that comes to mind as a nice upgrade and provides something different is the Merkur Progress. A new favourite of mine, it provides a quality build, a great shave, and the ability to adjust the aggressiveness of the razor itself.  Check out the review for more information, but it truly offers something different when it comes to razors.

For a brush upgrade you may want to take a look at what he currently has; if it is a boar brush you may want to make the simple jump up to a badger brush, something like a Parker Badger Brush (see below) or you could opt for something slightly less common and go with a horsehair brush that is also cruelty free.

For a soap I would suggest something from D.R. Harris like their almond shaving soap that comes in a nice mahogany bowl.  The cost might make it slightly prohibitive for some to justify purchasing, which generally makes for a great gift.

Father’s Day for the Dad who has everything

Now for the dad we all hate having to buy a gift for. The dad who, when he sees something he likes, he buys it, leaving you very few easy options for events like Father’s Day.  But do not fret, you have some options, but it will cost you.

If you really want to impress the father in question you could order him a Feather Razor AS-D2. I don’t think I have read a bad review about this razor.  This stainless steel razor will probably last your dad a life time and would be able to pass it on to grandchildren.

For a brush that your dad my really appreciate (but not your bank account) the Kent BK8. Yes it is expensive but you get what you pay for.  The brush, with proper care will last and last, but more importantly it will provide an experience that should surpass that of some lower cost brushes.  Yes some of this is name, but most of it is quality.

Alternatively, you could always head out and pick up a basket of 15 or 20 shave creams that will take him some time to get through, or at least until Christmas when you get to got through this process again!

Hope these suggestions help you and leaves the Father in your life satisfied. Have any suggestions or question feel free to leave a comment below.

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