Elvado Royal Tahitian Lime Shaving Cream

elvado lime

If there has ever been a time to pick up a new shave cream to coincide with coming of summer it is with Elvado’s Royal Tahitian Lime Shave Cream.  It screams summer. I have been a fan of Elvado’s products for some time now and their excellence in both quality and scent selection has never let me down.

Elvado’s most recent offering is the Royal Tahitian Lime Shave Cream, which will become available in June, perfect timing for the summer. The only other Lime scented shave cream that I have tried is Taylor of Old Bond Street Lemon and Lime offering, although both lime the two are quite different. The TOBS is more citrusy whereas the fragrance coming from this shave cream is like something from the dessert bar, probably best described as smelling like key lime pie. If the thought of putting a dessert scented cream on your face is unappealing don’t let it, it really is a very refreshing way to start your day.

As I mentioned, Elvado’s shave creams have always maintained a high consistent standard, regardless of fragrance, and the same has to be said of the Tahitian Lime offering. Lots of cushion, a slick surface, easy to lather (don’t be afraid of using some water), and a face that is not irritated.

If you are more of a traditionalist when it comes to shaving products, more ‘manly’ smells, then maybe Elvado’s Tahitian Lime Shave Cream would not be your cup of tea.  But if you like to experiment and experience some less traditional scents then you shouldn’t hesitate giving this a try, especially while the sun is beating down on us – a perfect summer shave cream.  Keep an eye out on Elavdo’s web site for availability, or subscribe to our mailing list below to receive an update on this and other items we come across.


Value: 9
Cushion: 8
Slickness: 8
Scent Pleasantness: 8
Scent Strength (balance): 9
Moisturising: 9

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