Edwin Jagger Sea Buckthorn Shave Soap – Review

Price: 4
Lather: 4.5
Scent: 4
Moisturising: 4
Overall: 4.5

I picked up a puck of Edwin Jagger’s Sea Buckthorn Shave Soap the other day.  I ordered a book online and needed to spend a few more dollars for free shipping, so I thought “what the hell – what’s another bar of soap?” I haven’t used any Edwin Jagger soaps prior to this one;I love my Edwin Jagger Razor and I was hoping for the same love to be present with their soap.

401px-Hippophae_rhamnoidesMy first issue was determining what exactly Sea Buckthorn was. If you are unsure see the picture on the right. If you are interested here is the Wikipedia link. Either way it left me unsure as to what it was meant to smell like. I would have to describe it as pleasant and a bit sweet. To be honest it was a completely new scent to me so comparing it to something else is a bit difficult. The scent remained subtle when built into lather.

P1020984As for the lather the Edwin Jagger Sea Buckthorn produced a lovely lather, that was easy to build, provided a nice surface for my razors (day two of the three razor shave), face felt great with no irritation of dryness. I used both my badger brush and boar hair brush with the soap and had better results using my firmer boar hair.

I was really pleased with the Sea Buckthorn soap. It proved a justifiable purchase and addition to the shave soap rotation. As a side note I believe that Edwin Jagger and Muhle share the same soap, it is simply branded differently – so if it ever came up trying both to find a difference may be redundant.

Tools used:

Merkur 37C
Edwin Jagger 89lbl
Gillette Travel Tech
Omega Boar Brush