Edwin Jagger 89lbl Unboxing and Side by Side Comparison

My Edwin Jagger 89lbl came in the post today. Not that I needed another razor, but having just received the Edwin Jagger Best Badger Shaving Brush for the holidays it makes sense…right? Either way it is here now and I decided to post an unboxing video along with a side by side comparison plus a photo breakdown. I’m using the Merkur “1904” Classic again as my comparison piece because it seems that most are familiar with it, and if not there are more than enough reviews of it to give one an understanding of the piece. Video first followed by text breakdown with photos.

First Impressions

edwin jagger merkurLike my previous side by side comparison using the Merkur 1904 as the comparison piece, the handle is the first noticeable difference. The Edwin Jagger 89lbl handle is longer, round in shape – not hexagonal like the 1904, and has a lined pattern rather than the ornate design on the 1904 (for the record the handle on the Edwin Jagger 89bl has no lines – just a chrome finish). Other than the handle the Edwin Jagger appeared to be just more razor – what I mean by that is that it appears more substantial when looking at it and holding it. I was surprised to find that it was a bit lighter in weight than I had expected. The chrome finish of the Edwin Jagger is also impressive differing from the 1904’s nickel finish.


2Both the 1904 and the 89lbl have the traditional three piece design – two piece head with the handle screwing into the head.



5Personally I don’t have a problem shaving with my 1904 when it gets wet, but I have read reviews by users stating that the pattern on the handle does very little in terms of grip and is simply for aesthetics. Based solely on dry touch, I don’t feel the same can be said about the 89lbl (review of how the Edwin Jagger performs will follow in a few days). Yes the lined finish looks great, but I also feel that it will provide an excellent grip with dry or wet hands. Holding the razor I also 4find that the extra length gives my little finger a place to rest, where as the 1904 it is either dangling off or forced up against your other fingers. So if you have larger hands the Edwin Jagger 89lbl might be a better choice for you.

Cutting Heads

3Although similar in shape I feel that the Edwin Jagger will provide somewhat of a great cutting angle. The top plate seems to come in at somewhat of a more severe angle – possibly requiring an adjustment when shaving. The bottom plate also is a bit more substantial.

Final Thoughts

P1020679Both of these razors will provide a rewarding experience, especially compared to cartridge shaving. If you are looking for your first razor it is a tough call. The Merkur 1904 tends to be a bit less expensive, but the Edwin Jagger 89lbl seems to be more razor at a slightly higher price. Again if you have larger hands, or prefer the longer handle the Edwin Jagger is the way to go.

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