Dominello Vitali Shave Cream Review


Value: 8
Cushion: 8
Slickness: 10
Scent Pleasantness: 9
Scent Strength (balance): 10
Moisturising: 10

My opinion of brushless shave cream has been changed somewhat by Dominello Vitali Shave Cream. I have been using it for the past week or so and for the past week or so I have had great shaves. No irritation, no burning, and of course a close shave that leaves your face feeling moisturized.

Somewhere along the line I have become suspect of brushless creams.  For no reason really other than the fact that I enjoy using my brush for applying shaving cream. I do feel like the brush adds something to your shave, both in feel and final effect, helping the hairs stand up off your face. So when I used my tube of Dominello for the first time I had rather low expectations that were quickly altered by the comfort and final result of the shave.

IMG_20150404_071354You shouldn’t be looking for your ‘traditional’ type lather with this product. I found that it provides more of a slick surface compared to more foamy creams and almost feels more like a face cream than a shave cream. But regardless of how it looks or feels the end result is what counts and it succeeded in its purpose. Of course there is nothing stopping you from using a brush with this, I did and it worked fine, it just isn’t needed I guess.

As for the scent of the cream it has a complex but very pleasing. Providing for a nice change from some of the more traditional and not so typical scents we are use to. I’m not really sure if you can say the fragrance is any single scent. There are hints of citrus, my wife noticed a bit of cloves. Regardless of what you notice the elements are fantastically balanced and I can’t see someone not finding something enjoyable about it.

Dominello Vitali Shave Cream is a cruelty free, vegan friendly, a gluten free product that has been a great discovery. If you are looking for a change from your current shave cream line up or maybe something to provide you a bit more comfort you may want to give it a try.

For more info check out the Dominello website.

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