Winter Grooming – Dealing with Dry Hands

Well it happened.  Winter has finally arrived, not in full force like last year but nevertheless, my skin is starting to pay the price. The next few posts I am going to take a look at some things I have done in the past to deal with extreme drying of my skin.

By far my biggest issue when it comes to winter dryness is my hands. I wasn’t on top of things this year so I snapped a photo a few days ago for documentation.

This happens every year, normally I try to stay ahead of the dryness, but the oddly warm weather made me a bit lazy I guess. Either way I am in repair mode now.  The cold weather combined with purell type sanitizers and hand washing leads to terribly dry hands.


The solution is really quite simple – hand cream.  Personally I look for a hand cream that isn’t greasy and something that contains B5 vitamin to help with the healing. Something like Baxter of California Hand Cream, Jack Black Hand Healer or any of the higher quality creams out there. You could spend less for hand cream but at what cost.

So as long as you continue to use the hand cream your hands and skin should be back to normal in a few days.

The next post will look at the benefits of exfoliating during the winter months.

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