Dealing With Sunburn

I am usually quite diligent with ensuring I have proper protection from the sun, but it has happened to the best of us – a sunburn despite our usual preparedness. Nothing is better than proper protection from the sun, but if you did forget to apply some sunscreen, or found yourself in a situation you didn’t expect that resulted in a burn there are some steps you can take to relieve some of the burn and irritation.

Topical Creams

I originally picked up a bottle of Prep to use an an aftershave. When it arrived the packaging pointed out that, in addition to an aftershave, it can be used for many things, one of them being to sooth irritation.  My wife quickly took to the Prep and has been using it, with great success, as a first step in dealing with irritated skin and burns (with four year old twins this comes up often). Of course there are several products out there that would serve the same purpose, look for products that contain aloe and or menthol.

Rethink Your Routine

Although you can’t reverse the effects of the burn you can do things to help it or make it worse for that matter.  One way to make things worse is to continue to use your grooming products that alcohol based. The alcohol will only help to dry out your skin further and increase irritation further. So put you Clubman products aside and consider using something like the Prep mentioned above or something like Proraso Aftershave.


Most of can’t exist without wearing clothes for a couple of days while we wait for the burn to subside. We have jobs, classes, appointments that need to be met – with clothes on. Your best approach to settle for function over fashion for a few days.  Put aside your denim, use your soft cotton tops, and keep it loose. While you are at it opt for darker colours over the brighter colours in order to draw less attention to your burn.

Pain Killers

A simple short term solution that should not be avoided is using pain killers. Ibuprofen specifically, best if used sooner rather than later, the Ibuprofen will help with the pain and inflammation caused by the burn.


Wait it Out

Finally you may just need to wait things out.  Use it as a reminder to put on some sunscreen next time you head out in the sun. Drink lots of water, don’t scratch, and stay cool.

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