DE Razor vs The Cartridge


What confuses many men is why they would want or need to make the switch from the Mach 3 or Gillette Fusion to a DE razor. To be fair to them the marketing dollars behind these cartridge razors, that brings in celebrities and athletes, makes it very difficult for anyone to see any reason to use anything but their cartridges.  Their gimmicks have been drilled into the heads of males across the globe as cutting edge and necessary, when in reality the same technology used a hundred years ago is superior.

More Blades Must Mean A Better Shave

The marketing and design departments will have you believe that more blades is better. When in reality a single blade will provide you with a more comfortable and smoother shave.  The blades on a multi-blade cartridge are space really close to each other, not allowing any room for the hairs to be cut cleanly.  Further more the first blade tends to act as a lift allowing the subsequent blades to do the cutting.  Ultimately this will lead to having to cover the same area of your face more often, irritation and increased chance of ingrown hair.  By lift the hair you run the risk of it growing back under the skin – hence the in grown hair. The DE razor, using the correct angle, will glide across your face, cutting the hairs without pulling and too many passes.

The Blade

The double edge razor also provides you the option to choose the blade that is right for you.  If you find one blade too sharp like Feather Razor Blades then maybe you want to try some Derby Blades.  The same can’t be done with cartridge shaving – start with a Fusion stuck with Fusion blades.

The Angle

Another advantage to using a DE razor you dictate the angle of the blade.  One of the selling features of cartridge razors is their pivot head.  Great concept, it glides along your face, you just move the razor along.  By you controlling the angle of the blade, and not relying on the razor, you will ultimately end up with a closer shave.

The Cost

This doesn’t really need to be mentioned but the cost saving with DE shaving is significant.

It Just Looks Better

If the above points aren’t enough, you always have the fact that the DE razor just looks better on your bathroom counter than your plastic Gillette.