Col Conk Almond Shave Soap – Review


Price: 5
Lather: 3.5
Scent: 4
Moisturizing: 4
Overall Quality: 4

The very first shave soap I had ever purchased, and what initially got me started in the world of wet shaving was Col Conk Almond shave soap.  I had just returned from a trip to Italy where I got a haircut and a shave.  The shave soap the barber was using was Almond scented and I loved it.  Naturally I set up to find it when I returned to North America.

At first it was all about the scent, I would apply lather longer than needed for no other reason than to be able to smell the Almond a bit longer.  Eventually though I needed to focus on the shave.  I always received a nice shave using the Col Conk Almond shave soap.  I wasn’t always the smoothest or closest shave but definitely more than  acceptable; especially for the price.

Having used many soaps since my initial purchase of the Col Conk years ago, it doesn’t build lather as easily as some other soaps.  It requires a bit of work, and in the end it applies slightly thinner than some may be use to but the lather is better than good.  The performance and protection is there and it does a nice job of moisturizing your skin.

Don’t be thrown off by the packaging of the Col Conk either.  It is simple plastic container but the contents deliver and for the price you would be hard pressed to find anyone who would say that they got their moneys worth.



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