Clubman Musk After Shave Cologne


It has taken me a while to write this review, I’m currently on about day fifteen of using my Clubman Musk After Shave Cologne and I have finally decided to put it aside and write down some thoughts. I have been putting it off because generally, once I write a review for a product I move on to the next one (I have a couple of after shave bottles waiting for me), which in this case would mean not being able to return to the Clubman Musk at least for a couple of weeks if not longer.

What I love most about this product is it’s Barber Shop scent, which I’m sure for many of use reminds us if not our own barbershop experiences when we were younger, of our fathers and grandfathers. A nice bit of nostalgia is never really a bad was to start the day. The scent is reminiscent of the Clubman Original scent, but with an added musk element. To be honest I’m not sure if the musk scent from this formula is a typical ‘musk’ scent, I would imagine some of you would argue that it isn’t truly musk, and I wouldn’t disagree.  But I will say that I still really enjoy the fragrance, even if it isn’t in line with most would call musk.

When it comes to effectiveness, you get what you would expect from Pinaud Clubman; a product that will take care of any irritation, help with your healing, and leave your face feeling tight. It doesn’t do so well with leaving your face moisturised or in giving you a sense of soothing – after all it is an mixture of water, alcohol, and fragrance –  it kicks your face back into shape.

Clubman Musk After Shave

One thing that surprised me is that the fragrance seems to last much longer than any of the other Pinaud aftershaves I have used. I assume that this is due to the fact that it is referred to as an aftershave cologne, where all of the other products I have used from them so far are simply labelled as being just an aftershave.

So just to wrap up, I really enjoyed the Clubman Musk After Shave Cologne, a classic masculine scent that isn’t overpowering, provides some nice healing, and a great price. If you are a fan of the Original scent I wouldn’t hesitate giving this a try.

Have you tried the Clubman Musk After Shave Cologne? What are your thoughts?

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