What’s Your Blade?

For many the selection of what blade is ‘best’ comes immediately
following their razor purchase.  The razor decision, especially if it was your first, probably came after a bit of research, time and deliberation.  Having completed that process, most probably just want to get to it, but unfortunately your blade selection, in all likelihood will take you a bit longer than your razor selection.  The reason being is that everyone’s face is different.  Some men have skin that is more sensitive while others may have facial hair that is thicker than the next guy.

The process is truly a trial and error situation.   What works for one, may not work for another.  Luckily there are several variety packs available to help you choose what is best for you.  Some contain more blades and selection than others.  If you would rather not dish out the cash for blades that you may not end up using you could use the guide below to help you with your decision.

Derby Blades are one of the most popular brands on the market today, mostly fueled by their price point.  The blade itself isn’t as sharp as some others on the market which makes it an ideal starting point for anyone with sensitive skin.  However, if you have a heavy beard you may find the blades not sharp enough.

Merkur is arguably the biggest name in classic shaving items and as a result their blades tend to be the easiest to locate.  The blades are well made and offer a consistent shave from blade to blade.  You will find that the blades are not the sharpest but still offer a quality cut. The Merkur blade itself probably suits those with a beard that is no more than mildly coarse and those with normal skin. The price may be a bit higher then they warrant, but that could be due to their ability to demand a price. The Merkur is another good place for a beginner but they may find themselves looking for a different blade sooner rather than later.

The Wilkinson Sword blades is another great blade for those new to classic shaving.  It is coated with a finish that is designed to provide a smoother less irritating cut.  A problem some face with the Wilkinson Blades is the inconsistency from blade to blade.  But overall the quality is good for most.  If you have a sensitive face you may find these blades a little dull and may want to think of a sharper option.

Shark Blades are another good option for the price conscience wet shaver.  
At under a dime a piece, one really can’t go wrong.  And for the price they offer a good, close shave.  They quality of the blades tend to be a bit inconsistent, but one would have to expect a bit of a trade off for the price.  Some may wish for a sharper blade and one that last a bit longer, but for the price changing the blade often is a no brainer.

Feather Brand blades offer your sharpest option, and as a result those of you with sensitive skin should probably look elsewhere.  Those of you with a stubborn beard you may have found your answer.  With the Feather Brands being as sharp as they are, one would benefit from properly preparing themselves for their shave – pre-shave oil and an abundance of lather.  If you are a beginner you may want to look elsewhere.

Out of Japan, the KAI blades offer another sharper than average alternative.  The KAI blades are made from a different gauge steel which may require some users to change their shaving approach.  The blades may be too sharp for those with sensitive skin.  They may also be unattractive because of the price tag.  But the KAI offer another choice if the Feather Blades don’t meet your expectations.

There are many more brands than the blades listed above.  As stated from the outset your best bet is to try a variety of different brands and make your decision after several weeks and months of trials.