Chisel Shave Club

Updated: December 23, 2016

*Unfortunately Chisel Shave Club is longer runner.

I came home today to a box from Chisel Shave Club, a monthly wet shaving subscription that has recently started up. I have had the opportunity to sample a few subscription services but I have to honestly say that the presentation of this particular box was one of, if not the best to date. Everything from the printing on the box itself, to the arrangements of the items inside it, makes you feel like you were opening something worthwhile.

wp-1452822327919.jpegThe contents of the box provides a nice variety of items, mostly what you would expect from a wet shaving box; shave soap (this box had a sample from Red Leaf), a nice size bottle of aftershave from Brickell (I have never tried anything from Brickell so I’m excited to give it a try), a sample face wash also from Brickell, and some blades.  A nice touch is the inclusion of the body soap from Dr. Squatch.

This box also came with a razor and brush which is included with the 6 and 12 month subscription, or can be added for an additional cost to the month to month subscription.  The razor has a nice feel to it, I think the image makes it look heavier than it is, but having not used it, looks like a decent enough razor.  The brush that is included is very much an entry level brush and I would imagine most would want to upgrade from it eventually.

wp-1452822296254.jpegOverall, I would have to say that I was pleased with the contents of the Chisel Shave Club box, it provides a nice selection with a great presentation what you would expect from a subscription service like this. If you are a seasoned wet shaver I doubt that the razor or brush would be of interest to you, but the opportunity to have random shaving and grooming products arrive at your door does have an element of excitement to it.

I do feel that this would make for a great gift for someone who is not a wet shaver or for someone who has been contemplating making the switch over to traditional wet shaving. The brush and razor are more than sufficient to get someone going, and the different products, especially over a few months would provide a nice glimpse into a shaving world outside of the mainstream shaving market.

If you are interested be sure to check them out at more information on their pricing is below. Readers of TheCloseShave can get 10 % off their first order by using Coupon Code: THECLOSESHAVE10

They currently offer a month to month subscription for $29.99/mo with the option to add on a safety razor handle and shaving brush to the first month’s box for an additional cost.

Other options:

A 3 month prepaid plan for $28.99/mo

A 6 month prepaid plan for $27.99/mo that comes with a free safety razor handle and shaving brush in the first box.

A 1 year prepaid plan for $26.99/mo that comes with a free safety razor handle and shaving brush in the first box.




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