Caring for your Shaving Brush

IMG_20150310_105910So you decided to splash some cash and take the plunge with a new shaving brush. Whether you have spent $50 or $200 plus, with proper care and maintenance, and a couple of minutes out of your shaving routine, your brush will be provided with a long life and for you a quality shaving experience day in and day out.

The first thing you need to remember is that your brush is hair; probably badger or boar, and you should care for it in the same way you would care for your own hair. Some choose to wash their brush with shampoo and conditioner upon first purchasing and then again every few weeks to remove and residue and keep the the brush soft, others are content with simply rinsing their brush.

Brush pressure is probably the biggest issue when it comes to brush maintenance. Too much pressure while building or applying the lather can result you bending and breaking the bristles on your brush. All that is needed is a gentle touch to get the lather to the core of the brush where it develops. Using that same gentle touch when applying the lather will provide you with an even distribution, ex-foliation, and long life for your brush.

The most important aspect of caring for your brush may be in the drying. Allowing your brush to properly dry will ensure both its shape and its life. After your shave, rinse your brush under warm water until the water runs clear and your brush is free of any remaining cream or soap. Once brush is free of residue you want to shake excess water from the brush, but don’t shake too hard because you run the risk of separating your brush from its handle. Hang your brush to dry. Depending on your point of view you could take things a step further and comb your brush out once it’s dry, helping to restore its shape.

These few simple steps will ensure a long land happy life to your brush.