Can Guys Wear Colorful Socks? Absolutely

A few weeks back I was shopping with a friend of mine. I was purchasing a pair of dress pants and while at the check out I decided to pick up a few extra pairs of socks. There was a special on, a buy three pairs and get a discount type things so I grabbed a few. All of them patterned and colorful.

My choices were disturbing enough to my friend that he commented on my  choices, pointing out that he would never wear socks like the ones I picked out. I didn’t judge him because I, not so long ago, was just like him.

http:// Read More…My sock selection used to consist of two options: black or white. Black for work or formal wear, white for everything else. Although there is nothing really wrong with the black and white options, there is a lost opportunity for making a subtle statement with the visible two inches or so that your socks provide.

It is that subtleness that you are looking for in that bit of color and pattern gives your outfit that extra pop. Helps you stand apart from the crowd. Albeit mainly when you are sitting down or climbing stairs.

As for why the resistance by some over the colorful sock? I’m not sure if applies to everyone, but for me it was some residual adolescent fear, concern over what others may think or say, making it much easier to live in the world of black and white socks than in the daring world of patterns and color.

Happily, I have seen the light and for the most part my sock drawer is rather colorful. And occasionally, people notice, mainly women, and they have positive comments about my socks.

If you are thinking of jumping ship and leaving the black socks behind, or if you already have and are looking for some further inspiration here are some options and ideas:

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