Straight Razor – Your First Razor

I have been shaving with a straight razor that a friend’s father had giving me some time ago, but as I continue to shave with it I have find myself wanting to pick up a few more straight razor to not only add to my collection but also my knowledge. I wasn’t really sure where to begin, so after doing some research I thought I would share with everyone my buyer’s guide to your first straight razor (or in my case your second).

Straight Razor
The razor I am currently using.
Things to Think About When Buying Your Straight Razor

One of the first decisions you are going to have to make is whether you should purchase a new or vintage straight.

Going Vintage

The vintage route will (could) provide you with a higher quality razor and lower cost than a new razor. If the razor has lasted as long as it has there is a good chance that it is of the highest quality. Another potential positive to buying a vintage razor is that you can often pick it up shave ready (be sure to clarify with the vendor.

The downside of course, especially if you are purchasing site unseen, is that you won’t truly know the condition of the razor until you receive it. In addition to that, if this is going to be your first razor you may not know what to look for in a quality razor.  So, if you are thinking the vintage route, you may want to consider purchasing from a more reputable source like Straight Razor Place and avoid some of the larger auction and online vendor sites.

The New Route

What I have discovered about buying a new razor is that it will provide you with a shiny new razor, that will cost you more than a vintage, that is probably of lesser quality than a vintage straight, and there is a good chance that it will not come shave ready.

Some brands to consider if you are gonig down the new route are Dovo and Thiers Issard who have been around for a long time but you could also take a look at brands like Boker, Ralf Aust or Revisor.  There are some vendors out there that do sell new razors shave ready, so if you are planning on the new route you may want to take a look at Maggard Razors or even Straight Razor Designs

So the decision of new vs vintage seems to be an easy one – the vintage razor should or at least could give you more bang for your buck.


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