Brush Care – Drying Your Shave Brush

Next to not crushing your shave brush when building lather, the most important element to ensuring that your brush has a long life is the drying process.  Taking a few moments at the end of your shave will help with the quality, shape, and life span of your shaving brush.

Generally after I finish my shave I follow the same routine. I take my brush and run it under warm water, ensuring that I remove and and all left over lather. I also give the hair a gentle, but firm squeeze. Once the water runs clear I feel confident that my brush is clean. Following that I give the brush a quick shake, not too forceful (not impossible to have the knot come free from the handle), just enough to remove any excess water. I take the drying process a step further by using the brush on a dry towel, ensuring the I rotate the brush to allow it to dry evenly.

There is a debate in the wet-shaving world over whether one should hang their brush to dry. Some brush manufactures suggest to while others do not deem in necessary. Personally I like to hang mine, with my logic being that it can’t hurt to hang the brush. I usually take my brush off the stand before heading to bed and let it sit on it’s handle next to my other brushes. You could take this a step further and comb your brush in order to help keep its shape.