British Shave Creams

When it comes to shave creams the British brands are arguably the benchmark for all other creams. The wet shaving tradition has a long history in Britain and that excellence is evident in their products. But with so many brands to choose from I thought I would break things down a bit and take a look at some classic, and must try, shave creams from Britain.

Every newcomer to wet shaving should really start with the 3T’s of British shave cream brands

avocadoTaylor of Old Bond Street, established in 1854 by Jeremiah Taylor, has a long and respected history and a shave cream product that proves it. My first experience with British shave cream was with Taylor of Old Bond Street; a tub of Avocado scented cream that I recommend to almost anyone who is willing to listen.

Geo-F-Trumper-Sandalwood-Shaving-Cream-200-g-0(GEO F) Trumper is another quality company out of Britain with a rich tradition of quality wet shaving products. In 1875, George Trumper established a barbershop, in Mayfair London and has been producing amazing experiences ever since.  A favorite of mine is their Sandalwood offering, but like Taylor of Old Bond Street, there are many scents to choose from, all of which will provide a great shaving expereince.

truefitt-and-hill-1805-shaving-cream-3The final T is for Truefitt & Hill, one of the oldest brands to come out of Britain, it was established in the early 1800s by William Francis Truefitt and eventually merged with Edwin Hill to create the company we have today. A bit more costly than the Taylor’s and Trumper, but some may find the extra cost worth the experience (Truefitt was the hairdresser to the British Royal Court so that may help you justify the cost). You may want to try 1805 shave cream, for a fresh and clean shave.

In addition to the three T’s Britain has many other notable shaving cream makers, too many to note here, but a couple that come to mind are:

19-02-500x500D.R. Harris & Co. established in 1790 in the St James’ area, where it still operates, D.R. Harris has a long history of quality grooming products. A great place to start is with their Arlington offering, arguably one of the best lathers you will experience.

castle forbesFinally Castle Forbes is another favorite among wet shavers, and another example of a quality shaving product coming out of Britain. The Castle Forbes cream is a bit more dense than some of the other creams. Really easy to lather, and offers an extraordinary level of protection. Thinking about picking this up? Try the Lavender scent for a very floral but masculine scent.

If you have tried some of these creams, we would love to hear your thoughts below. If you haven’t tried any of these creams, I don’t think you will be disappointed if you do.

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