Blaviar Sigma Eau de Cologne After-Shave Balm

One of the great things about running this blog is the exposure that it provides me to a variety of products that I would have otherwise not have come across.  Over the last six weeks I have used three different aftershave products that all offered a very different experience.  The most recent that I have been using is Blaviar Sigma Eau de Cologne After-Shave Balm.  I received a bottle a complementary bottle and I have been getting a feel for it over the last couple of weeks.

About six weeks ago I started using Baxter of California’s shave tonic which had a clean smell to it and was also worked as a face tonic.  After a couple of weeks I moved on to Ogallala’s Bay Rum and Vanilla which had a sweet, delicious scent and is marketed not only as an after-shave but also a pre-shave oil. The Blaviar’s Sigma is being marketed as an after-shave with a cologne angle. The scent of the Sigma is more perfumy than the other two products I mentioned and I would say is in line with what one would expect from a ‘traditional’ cologne. The scent isn’t overwhelming, with it hints of citrus that giveaway to a more musky scent, and does not linger for very long, after a couple of hours the scent fades.

20160512_070416-01.jpegScent aside, Blaviar Sigma worked really well as an aftershave with a little going a long way.  The balm does not have a greasy feel to it, which can often be the case with balms (at least with lower end balms that I have used). It did a great job with  leaving my face feel fresh, smooth and feeling healthy.

Overall, I would say that Blaviar Sigma is a quality product, and although some may find the price a bit high, I don’t believe you would be disappointed as long as you are a fan of a more traditional cologne type scent.

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