Best Safety Razors – 2017

It is time for an updated list of best safety razors for 2017. Like most of the best of lists here at TheCloseShave (you can check out our most recent – best shaving soap list) the best doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive.  In fact if while I’m shaving I am thinking about how much the tool cost me rather than experiencing the shave I’m not sure what that is worth.

For this list, we are going to break things down by types of razors rather than an overall ‘this is the best’ razor type approach.  The list is also limited to razor that most people would buy, excluding some of the super high end razor that are out of most people’s price range – plus if you are spend that much money you probably know what you are looking for. So here you go, a list for the rest of us.

Best Closed Comb Razor

Edwin Jagger 89lbl

edwin jagger 89lbl

I have great difficulty not including the Edwin Jagger 89lbl. If you are a regular reader of TheCloseShave you will know that I am a really big fan of the razor. The price point makes it very attractive and an easy entry into classic shaving or a great second or additional razor (currently available at TopOfTheChain for $30 with bonus free sample blade pack,  Amazon has it for ). The razor looks sharp, specifically the handle on the lbl with the ribbed lines, it adds a nice bit of elegance and some added grip.  This particular razor head is also available on the other razors in the 8x series with different style handle. Esthetics aside the razor provides a great shave. With a mild to medium aggressiveness, I don’t think the Edwin Jagger 89lbl has ever failed to provide me a good shave.

Best Open Comb Razor

Merkur 41c

I’m not a big fan of the open comb design when it comes to safety razors.  I don’t find that the added blade exposure benefits me much, in fact it usually results in minor irritation. Luckily for everyone my skin and facial hair is not the model for everyone else and some people do enjoy, and benefit from the open comb design. The Merkur 41c (the open comb version of the Merkur 42 “1904 Classic) makes for a great razor. If you haven’t used one, the short handle provides a great deal of control, and in some ways I prefer using short handled razors over long.  A bit of novelty combined with control makes for a great experience.

Like the Edwin Jagger above, the price point of the Merkur 41c is attractive (currently priced at on Amazon) and makes for a great entry or second razor. Although I can’t personally vouch for the open comb, it is a favourite of shavers who tend to have several days growth when shaving.

Best Slant Bar Razor

The Merkur 37c


merkur 37c safety razorPerhaps my favourite razor when I have multiple days growth.  The Merkur 37c is a slant razor, which I was unfamiliar with prior to entering the classic shaving world, but I am extremely happy I have found it.  If you are unfamiliar with the slant razor you might want to check out What is a Slant Razor?. The angled blade slices your beard differently than a typical head, acting more like a guillotine. I wouldn’t recommend this for everyone, but if you are looking for an additional razor, or tend to only shave once every few days I would suggest trying this out. There are not many other slant razors to choose from, some new brands popping up lately, but I find myself going back to the 37c.

Best Adjustable Razor

Merkur Progress

Yet another Merkur razor to make the list.  The Merkur Progress adjustable razor may be the only razor you will ever need. The ability to change the aggressiveness allows the user to set the blade gap so you can dictate how the razor shaves. Personally I have it set to 4, and I’ll dial it down if I’m going for a third pass. If you are unfamiliar with the adjustable razor you can read up on them here. As much as I love my Edwin Jagger 89, I think the Progress would be my desert island razor. For more information check out at TopOfTheChain or on Amazon 

Best Twist To Open Razor

Parker 92r

Finally our Twist to Open (TTO) razor. The Parker 92r makes for a good choice. The balance between functionality and cost is attractive, as is its design. The TTO design makes for loading a blade super simple.  Twist the handle, the bay doors open, drop a blade in and close the doors. Of course this leads to a slight increase in things breaking down but I have never had an issue with this or any other TTO razor. The handle of the Parker 92r is slightly longer than my other long handled razors. The rubbery grip on the handle is also a nice addition, you need to try to drop it. The razor has a mid range aggressiveness and provides a different experience than the Edwin Jagger and requires some adjustment but was sorted provides a nice shave.

Hopefully this list will help you on your way.  The list will be updated throughout the year if I come across a razor that warrants inclusion in the list. So whether you are looking for your first razor or simply to add to your collection hopefully the above will help you on your way.

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