Bees for Blokes Shave Soap – A Review

Value: 2 (7 if you can’t relate to the review)
Cushion: 3
Slickness: 9
Scent Pleasantness: 4
Scent Strength (balance): 7
Moisturising: 7


A few weeks ago I commented on how I almost never come across an artisan soap that is not quality. Since then I have been proven wrong twice, both by soap makers from Australia. I reviewed BambuEarth Patchouli  shave soap with great disappointment, and today’s review – Bees for Blokes Shave Soap – although having positive elements, provided a second strike to Australian soap makers.


IMG_20140223_083322Bees for Blokes Shave Soap most appealing element has to be that it is made from a few natural ingredients: Olive oil, Coconut oil, water, caster oil. seaweed extract, Leatherwood beeswax and honey, white clay, dairy cream, and essential oils. My wife took a look at the ingredients and commented on who good this stuff would be for you skin. I took a look at the ingredients and wondered how those items can be turned into shave soap – not that I know anything about soap making – but I feel like something is missing (which probable explains the lathering issues).

The shave soap provided a very slick shave surface, I didn’t expect it because of the hard time I had building up lather, but the shave was comfortable and left my face irritation free.


The smell. For me the scent just isn’t appealing. In fact I am going to have a difficult time describing what exactly Bees For Blokes Shave Soap smells like. The essential oils really come through, but I can’t describe the scent as being classic, sweet, or manly. It really is unique – but not for me.

The lather or lack of. To be fair the description for the soap informs you not to expect a big foamy lather, but rather a more creamy lather. I tried several times and different ways to build up a lather; I tried palm lathering (as suggested by the packaging), bowl lathering, face lathering, but I just wasn’t able to produce a lather that I am used to or one that I found satisfying . I found that the lather for the most part resembled what you would expect from hand soap not a shave soap. I know that there was fair warning, but I enjoy my lather. However, as mentioned above, when it came to performance the non-foamy, body lacking lather, did provide a surface that allowed me to get a fairly close shave without irritation.


IMG_20140223_083356Although Bees For Blokes Shave Soap provided a decent shave it just isn’t for me. Part of why I wet shave is for the experience which includes a nice foamy lather and a soap that has an interesting scent to it – not one that doesn’t interest me at all. Perhaps I should be a bit more concerned with the natural aspects of some shave soaps but in this case the trade off isn’t worth it. However, if you don’t feel the same way I do, Bees for Blokes may actually provide you a with a good value because it would take you some time to get through the tin of soap.