Baxter of California Super Shave Formula – A Review

Price: 7
Cushion: 7
Slickness: 10
Scent: 6
Moisturising: 10



I received a sample of Baxter of California Super Shave Formula with my most recent shipment of shaving goodies. Samples tend to get ignored and remain in my shave cabinet unused for weeks. But with a dwindling supply of products to review (a puck of Edwin Jagger Aloe is still waiting for me) the Baxter of California Super Shave Formula got its shot.

The Bad (or at least not great)

The scent of the Baxter of California Super Shave Formula didn’t blow me away, perhaps due to the fact that it was essentially odourless. I tried really hard to smell something, and only really got a hint of mint once I started lathering.

The lather was also a bit underwhelming. It didn’t really foam up very much. Apparently the cream can be used without a brush but according to the Baxter of California website, a badger brush is recommended. I tried both – and I preferred using a brush – building lather directly on my face.

The final ‘bad’ item at least for some may be the price. Depending on your point of view you might be spending more for less, but better or you could spend less, for more, and still get the job done.

The Good

I built this lather using a bowl simply for ease of a photograph, but you get the idea of what the lather is like on your face.

The lack of a great lather didn’t seem to matter all that much. The Baxter of California Super Shave Formula provided a slick surface and an impressively close shave.

The cream itself has the feel of a moisturising cream and not surprisingly works like one too. I only used the cream for a couple of shaves and notice a difference on my face straight away.


Overall a good experience with the Baxter of California Super Shave Formula. I do prefer a shave cream that provides a bit more lather, but that is a personal thing. If you have a few extra bucks and are looking for a cream that will do what it is meant to do – provide a close, irritation free shave – than it is worth a shot. However, if you are looking for something that has a bit more extraordinary scent and a full lather look elsewhere. 

Tools in images:

Merkur 37C
Edwin Jagger Best Badger Brush