Baxter of California Shave Tonic

Baxter of California Shave TonicUp until just a few weeks ago I didn’t really have much of a pre-shave ritual outside of a warm wet cloth after a shower to prep my face for the arrival of my blade. Then my buddy Mike was having some issues with skin irritation and we got to talking about shave prep so I broke out some Proraso pre-shave cream I had in my cabinet and used that with surprisingly happy results, then moved on to Oscar’s Oil which also provided a much better than usual outcome for my shave, and now over the past week of having used Baxter of California Shave Tonic I would have to say that my pre-shave routine from here on in will also include some form of pre-shave cream, oil, or tonic.

Baxter of California Shave Tonic is a bit of a departure in that it is a face tonic that is designed to be used for pre and post shave, along with being loaded with essential oils to help tone and moisturize your skin. As I stated above, after a week or so of using the tonic, I am really pleased with how well it works as both a pre and post shave option, but particularly as a pre-shave product. My shaves were much more comfortable than I would normally have had, and the extra preparation also resulted closer shaves as well. The scent is a well balanced, and not overpowering, combination of menthol, rosemary, eucalyptus, camphor, and spearmint creating a refreshing scent that literally leaves your skin tingly

One minor negative for me was trying to gauge how much tonic I needed to apply before and after a shave. The directions state to spray some tonic on a warm cloth for your pre-shave, and again for your post shave but using a cold cloth instead.  To be honest it was a bit tough to know if I had enough product on the cloth, how well it was being distributed, etc. After some trial and error, 7 or 8 sprays was the number that made me confident that enough product was being used.

I don’t really suffer from razor burn and I noticed a difference in my shave. So I can only imagine that if you could use some relief from razor burn, using Baxter of California Shave Tonic will be beneficial for you.

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