Baxter of California Citrus and Herbal-Musk Deodorant

I decided to spend more than I have ever spent on a stick of deodorant and pulled the trigger on Baxter of California’s Citrus and Herbal Musk Deodorant. Until recently, when it came to deodorants,  I exclusively purchased your standard drugstore brands – Old Spice, Speed Stick, Degree, etc. Then I started finding that they stopped working well, so I tried brand after brand looking for a better experience. Coupled with my inability to find a suitable underarm deodorant I started becoming concerned about what exactly was found in the products I was using.

I really enjoy the clean and fresh citrusy musk scent of the Baxter of California deodorant. I read some comments where people found the scent to be too strong, to the point of competing with their aftershave or cologne, but that was not the case for me. It was strong enough to notice but not overpowering.

The odor protection lasted throughout the work day without feeling the need to reapply, even on the hottest of days (I work in an unairconditioned environment that really puts deodorants to the test). Like the scent, I read some reviews where people were unhappy with how long the protection lasted, again for me it was not an issue. I’m not sure if I want to use something that would last too long, plus I wouldn’t expect it from a product made from natural ingredients.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this is a deodorant not anti-perspirant it is designed to make you smell better not to stop you from sweating. To be honest the idea of a product preventing me from sweating freaks me out a bit, seems a bit too unnatural for me, so I’m o.k. with a product that keeps me smelling fresh at the expense of some sweat.

Finally the cost might initially be a turnoff for some (you can take a look on Amazon or on the Baxter of California website to see what it is currently going for), and I will admit that until recently I would never have spent this much on a deodorant. But I don’t think you should be comparing a product like Baxter of California’s deodorant with what you find on your typical drug store shelf.  If you are buying this product it is because you are concerned or care about the ingredients found in the products that you use. In the case of deodorant the absence of aluminium and alcohol. In the grand scheme you surely spend more on coffee every week than you would cost you to use for this product.

Clearly this isn’t for everyone. I would imagine that most would feel uncomfortable parting with as much cash as they would need to for this. But then there is the other camp who might be concerned about the ingredients or who might be looking for a different type of scent.


  • The scent – love it.
  • Oddly I also enjoy the packaging, both aesthetically and for usefulness. the dome shaped stick seems to apply much nicer than the oval shape of most of the deodorants on the market.
  • No irritation


  • For many, accustomed to the low cost deodorants found in our grocery stores, the cost.

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