Battle of the Blades – Working Your Through A Blade Sample Pack

One of the greatest things about wet shaving is the selection one is provided with; razor heads – open comb, slant, safety bar; your endless selection of soaps and creams that keep you spending more and more (or will have you spending more and more if you haven’t taken the plunge yet – which you should); and then you have the rather large selection of blades to choose from. Blades are one of the toughest items to provide feedback on simply because there are too many variables – the razor you are using, the soap, how you prep, and of course you skin type.

If you haven’t done so already do yourself a favour and pick up a sample pack of blades. Depending on the size of your wallet and how much patience you have you can go with a smaller sample pack like this one that has a few brands, meaning obviously, fewer to choose from. Or you could opt for a larger sample pack that will give you enough blades to last you a couple of years – even if you only use some of the blades once.

You are best to have some method to your approach to deciding which blade works best for you. The one thing everyone needs however is patience. There is no sense in using one blade today and another tomorrow and yet another the day after that. Unless the blade has left you looking like you just came out of battle it is probably best to give to give yourself some time with each blade so you can give it a fair assessment.

I found that the best approach is to perform a head to head battle between the brands. I will explain what I mean. I would start by choosing a brand and using that brand for about two weeks – really getting to know the way it feels. If that means I need to change the blade for each shave then that is what it means, if I only need to change the blade once then that is fine as well. After the two weeks are up I make a note on how well the blade performed in terms of comfort, sharpness, and how many shaves per blade. I then pick up the challenger and use it for two weeks. At the end of the two weeks I determine which blade I prefer and put the ‘loser’ to the perhaps I can trade you for something better pile, ushering in the next challenger.

Now I know this seems like a lot of work just for a shave, and I guess in a way it is, but the payoff is worth it. You can find a blade that is great for you, which in the long run will save you loads of cash. Plus the patience and extra time you take to find that blade is something all of us I’m sure could use more of. If you think of classic shaving more as a hobby or art form, I think you will find that searching for that perfect blade (cream, or razor) will prove gratifying in the end.