Barrister & Mann Winter Spice Shave Soap – A Review

8474345Price: 5
Lather: 5
Scent: 4
Moisturising: 4
Overall: 5

The Barrister & Mann Shave Soap train keeps on rolling with a look at their Winter Spice. I decided to use the Winter Spice now because it is on a limited run and when it is gone, it’s gone.  So if you are curious at all you may want to head on over to their shop.

barrister and mann winter spiceI’m three soaps into Barrister & Mann’s offerings and they have done many things right – which is impressive for a company to pull off straight away- but I will have to say that perhaps the most impressive element of their soaps is the balance they have achieved with their scents. Both the Bay Rum, and the Lime, Lavender, and Cedarwood had just the right amount of kick – never overpowering. With some soaps I feel as though the scent is punching me in the face, like some sort of reminder that I am using it; that can’t be said of the Barrister & Mann’s Soaps I have used thus far, nor can it be said of their Winter Spice.

The Winter Spice has a lovely almond smell, with just a hint of orange to it. If you are a drinking man you will have visions of shots of Amaretto, with an orange wedge hanging for the side of the glass. However what it initially reminded me of was these Italian cookies my aunt makes around the holidays; if you have had them then you know what the Winter Spice is all about. In addition to the almond and orange, a touch of cinnamon was evident in the lather.

I have been trying to mix up how I have been lathering the Barrister & Mann’s soaps, first with a Horse Hair Brush, then a Boar Brush, I used a synthetic brush with the Lime, Lavender, & Cedarwood, and for the Winter Spice I broke out the scuttle. The results with the scuttle were fantastic, a full, creamy lather – very pleasing. I also needed very little water, unlike the Bay Rum I used last week.

As with the previous soaps, and most importantly, the Winter Spice provided an excellent shave, giving me a slick surface, a nice scent, and a close shave. For more information check out Barrister & Mann.

Tools used:

Merkur 37C
Omega Boar Brush
Astra Blade