Barrister & Mann Unscented Shaving Soap – A Review

Barrister and mannRatings:
Price: 5
Scent: 1 or 5 (depends how one measures an unscented soap)
Moisturising: 4
Overall: 4

With only two samples of Barrister and Mann soaps left I decided to give the unscented a whirl. If you have been reading my previous reviews you will know that all the Barrister and Mann soaps I have used have been a pleasure not only because of their effectiveness in providing a brilliant shaving surface, but also due to their great fragrance. Leaving me curious as to how I would feel about their unscented soap.

I generally prefer soaps that have a very distinct fragrance. I feel that it is part of the experience of wet shaving, with the scent providing various connections – whether it be to my grandfather, or a barber shop in Italy, or simply the time of year. So when it came to the Barrister & Mann unscented soap I was a bit torn with how to feel about it.

When I first opened the package the soap had a very subtle scent to it, according to the website the unscented soap will have a “mild “sheepy” smell for the first few days” which “should dissipate after a bit of use”.  I used the soap several times over a two week period, and I can confirm that the smell has definitely toned down from when I first used it. When it comes to the scent – the soap works as advertised – it’s as close to unscented as one could imagine is possible – but I have to admit I still prefer my soaps to have a fragrance. 

There is no real reason to discuss the performance of the soap because as with all of their soaps it has been a quality experience. But if you are looking for a more detailed explanation as to how the soap performs you can check out my other Barrister & Mann’s soap reviews.

If you prefer you soaps unscented then do not hesitate with the Barrister & Mann’s Unscented shave soap, the price is right, and the quality is top notch. For more info check them out at