Barrister and Mann Leviathan Tallow Shaving Soap

It has been a while since I have posted here. Much longer since I posted a review of one of Barrister and Mann’s products.  Happily my first review since early September is a positive one.  Not that I had much doubt, if you are unaware Barrister and Mann has made quite a name for themselves in the wet shaving universe.  Along with a few other items that I will touch on in the coming weeks I ordered a tub of their Barrister and Mann Leviathan Tallow Shaving Soap (I picked it up from Amazon, but is available from the B&M website as well, and other retailers), which has a limited run which is set to end production on December 21st.

My first experience with Barrister and Mann was in their (and TheCloseShave‘s) early days.  I was sent some review samples and was more than happy with the results.  Fast forward a couple of years and I have somehow managed not to return to any of their offerings until this past week. Too many soaps, creams, aftershaves to sample I guess. But the return of B&M to my shave shelf has been a fantastic one.

Barrister and Mann LeviathanBarrister and Mann Leviathan shaving soap has a absolutely brilliant combination of scents. A leathery blend of coffee, sandalwood, cedar, and musk. It actually has a slight sweetness to it, reminiscent of a dessert, but overall it provides a long lasting outdoors woodsy scent. I read several reviews prior to purchasing the soap and they were polarizing, people either loved the scent or found it to be somewhat offensive, while others found that the scent grew on them. I have to admit that from the moment I twisted the top off I knew that I was going to enjoy my experience with the soap.

One area I wasn’t concerned with was the quality of the lather.  Barrister and Mann, through personal experience and word of mouth has built up a strong reputation for itself. The Leviathan Shaving Soap maintained that reputation with the effortlessness and speed in which the lather building lather. It creates a very slick surface, making for a very comfortable shave.

Finally a quick word on packaging. The soap comes in a translucent twist top container with a wide opening. Giving you plenty of room for your brush to swirl and load up. The label is also very appealing, with the leviathan encircling the label. No reason to hide this container in your shave cabinet.

After several weeks without a new soap to review, I couldn’t be more happy with the Barrister and Mann Leviathan shave soap. Although it seemed to divide people online, I would recommend this soap with confidence. It does have a slightly higher price tag than some other soaps but it is absolutely worth it. Just a reminder that if you are considering picking this up, production will end on December 21st. Check out the Barrister and Mann website or Amazon for more ordering information.