BambuEarth Patchouli with activated bamboo Charcoal Shave Soap – A Review

Value: 0
Cushion: 0
Slickness: 0
Scent Pleasantness: 2
Scent Strength (balance): 2
Moisturising: 1


IMG_20140205_123427I ordered a puck of BambuEarth’s Patchouli with activated bamboo Charcoal Shave Soap, more out of curiosity than for my love of the Patchouli scent. If I’m honest Patchouli tends to remind me of some of the concerts I used to attend, I wouldn’t have minded the scent if it didn’t seem like everyone was wearing it. Most recently my mother-in-law has been wearing a Patchouli fragrance that ends up lingering on my kids for hours after she leaves.  Nevertheless, if you happen to be one of the people that really enjoys Patchouli then you will love this, scent-wise anyway. The scent is so strong that when I picked up my delivery from the post office I was able to smell the soap through the box – literally through the packaging, box, an tape.

I’m not really sure how to describe the scent of the soap other than an intense Patchouli fragrance. For the two weeks that the Bambu Earth Shave Soap sat in my shave cabinet it worked as an air-freshener – I would have preferred many other scent to dominate my bathroom but you get the idea. If you don’t like Patchouli than you can stop reading and move on to another article – trying this soap would be a waste of time for you.

IMG_20140205_123507The presentation of the soap is quite nice. The soap is wrapped in what seems to be an environmentally friendly paper wrap, with directions printed on the wrapping it self. I was surprised to find that it suggested to build lather in your hands the same way you would with everyday soap. I had a couple issues with it, one I like my brush (which I did try but had even worse results), two I’m not sure if I want my hands all full of lather having to rinse them off before starting you shave. Regardless of my own personal preferences I was not able to achieve any type of usable lather. Both with brush and with hands the lather was thin, went on more like body soap lather than shave lather. My blade had a hard time gliding along my face and the shave itself was quite uncomfortable.

The BambuEarth Patchouli with activated bamboo Charcoal Shave Soap my be one of the biggest disappointment since I started review wet shaving products and equipment. Look somewhere else if you are looking for something interesting or different.

Tools in images:
Merkur 37C
Vie-Long Horse / Badger Hair Brush