Bakelite Slant Unboxing & Side by Side Comparison

My Bakelite Slant came in today.  I got the notification of delivery while I was at work and was extremely anxious to get home.  Mainly because I wasn’t really sure what I had purchased.  Don’t get me wrong, I knew it was a slant razor, I knew it was made of Bakelite, I also knew that it was supposedly in short supply, and that it seems to be all the rage over at r/wicked_edge.

P1000358I tried to find out some information on this razor and came up with very little in terms of history, maker, or anything really.  A Google search also didn’t provide me with any classic advertisements for the razor – so if you can add some insight as to when these were sold, where, how much, anything really it would be appreciated.

So I decided to make a quick video of the unboxing of the Bakelite featuring a comparison to the Edwin Jagger 89lbl, not a slant but a fairly familiar razor (for an unboxing of the Edwin Jagger 89lbl click here), plus it provides a comparison of a slant vs a non-slant razor.

Video first followed by some images and initial impressions.


First Impressions

bakelite slantMy first impression was not overly positive.  To be honest it felt a bit too much like one of my kids toys, and if it wasn’t for the rave reviews of the razor I may have been a bit angry with myself for spending the money on it.  I think it would be safe to say that if I say this razor on its own at a store, without having any previous feedback, I would have passed it over.  The razor is extremely light weight, doesn’t feel like a quality build as the EJ 89 does – but then it is Bakelite so wasn’t expecting it to have very much weight to it.  The handle of the Bakelite has a lined pattern similar to the EJ89 which I would imagine will provide some added grip with wet hands.  I will say that the case that it came in screamed something out of the 60s or 70s – it felt like my dad should be opening it.


P1000347The Bakelite slant has a typical three piece assembly to it, no different than most razors.  The threads of the head are metal, so no plastic on plastic threading.  It did feel as though you needed to be a bit more gentle with it however.  Over-tightening probably not a good thing with this head.


P1000351The common theme developing here is the fragile feel to the razor itself.  The handle just felt light.  I know, I know it isn’t made out of steel, but never-the-less it felt, as mentioned earlier like a toy.  Maybe not a fair comparison to use the Edwin Jagger 89 for this.

Cutting Heads

P1000353The reason why most people want this razor is clear with the head of the razor.  The slant is quite clear in the image, especially when compared to the Edwin Jagger.  Looking at the cutting angle made me a bit excited.

Final Thoughts

P1000354My final thoughts, on this razor before using it is one of confusion and excitement.  Confused because I am about to use a plastic razor that feels and looks more toy like than any other plastic disposable or cartridge razor I had owned.  But excited because of the praise that this razor has received.  I will post a review of how it performs in the coming days after I get a chance to use it a few times.

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