Axe Peace Smooth Things Over Shave Gel

Value: 6
Cushion: 7
Slickness: 8
Scent Pleasantness: 4
Scent Strength (balance): 6
Moisturising: 8

A few weeks ago I received a couple of cans of shaving cream to try out. Both of them being an Axe product, a can of their Smooth and a can of Chilled. I had two issues with these right off the bat. The first being that I really haven’t used shave cream/gel in a can for years and it is actually a bit contrary to the focus of this blog. The other being that I’m a highschool teacher and for the most part Axe tends to bring to mind teenage boys spraying excessive amounts of Axe deodorant at their locker in a desperate attempt to smell good for the ladies while masking the sweat from PE. But these are not deodorant, and for the sake of giving the cream a fair shake I will try to review them through the eyes of a wet shaver but keeping some focus on its efficacy.

DSC_0755For this review I will be focusing on the Axe Peace Smooth Things Over Shave Gel. The first thing I noticed with the product was the scent – which unfortunately for me – did remind me of walking through the hallways at my school. But if you are not a high school teacher or don’t have a teenage son, it smells, well, young – I guess. I can’t really compare the scent to anything specifically, it has a bit of a spicey lean to it, but ultimately if this scent was used in a cologne or after shave I would feel like I’m heading to a night club and not to work.

Scent aside the Axe Peace shave gel worked well. My shave was smooth with no pulling, no irritation, and I have to say that my face felt soft afterwards.

What I didn’t find enjoyable was the absence of my brush, one of the things I enjoy most about shaving. The official directions on the back of the can are as follows:

1. Wet your face
2. Massage in the foam
3. Shave
4. Feel the love

DSC_0760The directions worked as promised, except for number 4, didn’t feel any extra love while using the Axe Peace Shave Gel. I didn’t get any love from my shave brushes that is for sure. At one point I tried to use one out of curiosity, but didn’t work as well as I had hoped.

In the end I don’t see myself really buying any cans of Axe Peace Shave Gel in the future. In addition to not really digging the scent I enjoy using a brush too much and I don’t like having to wash the gel off my hands before shaving. Having said that, it is relatively inexpensive, and if I was on vacation and needed some shave cream or perhaps didn’t want to pack too many items, I would have confidence in using the Peace Shave Gel.

Tools in image:

Merker 37C


By Carmine Sirianni

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