Arko Shaving Cream – Maximum Comfort

If there can be a ‘classic’ wet shaving product it might have to be the Arko Shave stick – from it’s very distinct smell, to the nostalgic looking label, to the very attractive price tag – it has a certain appeal to it that goes beyond the fact that it provides you with a good shave.  Unfortunately the same cannot be said of  the Arko Maximum Comfort Shave Cream – from the scent to the shave this just did work for me.

I didn’t have high expectation when it came to the scent, but I didn’t expect to be as disappointed as I was with it. The scent reminds me somewhat of a cleaning product, which I guess isn’t terrible, but not what I expect out of a shaving cream.

IMG_20150609_205448The lather was disappointing as well.  I found that it was a bit weak and in an effort to produce an acceptable lather it resulted in a product that was a bit too watery. In the end it was usable, but not desirable.  The cushion and slickness it provide was OK. By no means did it provide a wonderful shave free from irritation. At times it felt like I was using a blade that needed changing – I did change my blade the first time I noticed it but it didn’t correct the problem.

The only thing that the cream really has going for it in my opinion is the price. But at a certain point there is a trade off where spending less isn’t exactly worth it.  For an extra couple bucks you can find a cream that will perform better and smell better.

I realize that outside of the brand I am essentially comparing two different items but it is completely lacking any of the charm or appeal that the Arko Shave Stick provides. So if you were considering picking the up the Arko Maximum Comfort Shaving Cream based on your experience with the shave stick, I would suggest that you move on to another option.

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