Arbonne REsurface Shave Gel – Review

Price: 2
Lather: 0
Scent: 0
Moisturizing: 4
Overall: 2

Let me start by saying that it is unlikely that I would have tried the Arbonne REsurface Shave Gel if it wasn’t for a co-worker bringing it in for me to try out. The price is a bit too high for my liking and the thought of using a shave gel is simply not appealing to me. But I thought I would give it a go, not wanting to dismiss the product without having used it.

P1000500-001The bottle itself reminds me of some of my wife’s face and hand creams, as does the shaving gel itself, perhaps a bit less thick than hand cream. I squeezed some into the palm of my hand to get a better feel for the product and I was surprised to find that the gel is essentially odorless.  I mean nothing. Which is great if you are not a fan of fragrance in your shaving product, but not so much if you have become accustomed to shave creams like Taylor of Old Bond Street Lemon & Lime, or even the classic smell of Proraso Green.

The last gel shaving product I used was years ago and was a can of Gillette, so I consulted the label for more direct instructions as to how they wanted me to apply the REsurface Shave Gel. It was short and sweet: apply liberally and massage onto skin using fingertips. Rinse by splashing face with warm water. So I did. There was no clarification as to whether or not I needed to wet my face ahead of time (i’m a stickler for directions) so I went ahead and prepped the one side of my face the way in which I always do and then applied the gel, as directed, to both sides of my face. I didn’t enjoy applying the gel to my face, as mentioned above, it felt a bit too much like hand cream. I also didn’t like the way it felt on my face – the sensation of stickiness along with a desire to quickly remove it. Oddly I was able to make out more of a scent while applying the gel.

As for the shave itself, I preferred the way the wet side of my face felt, but to be fair there really any pulling or irritation on the dry side of my face. I found that the gel (which I am on the verge of referring to it as a cream) would clog up my razor (I was using my old friend the Merkur ‘1904’ Classic,) so much so that a simple rinse under the tap didn’t suffice. I actually found this quite distracting.

In the end it provided a sufficient, unenjoyable shave. I like using a shave brush and building lather. I like my shave creams and soaps to have distinguishable and enjoyable fragrances. If you take these things away then I am just back to shaving strictly because I would hear about it from my boss – that is a place I don’t want to return to. Wet shaving to me is more than simply a clean face, it is about taking in the entire experience, even if it means more time and tools in the process.

Tools used:

The Merkur 1904 Classic