A Used Blade Holder – Re-purposing A Brush Box

Used blade box
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I was sorting my shaving items this afternoon and came across a couple of boxes.  One held my Edwin Jagger 89lbl and the other my Edwin Jagger Best Badger shaving brush I received for Christmas.  I was about to toss both of them out but stopped myself.  I’m a sucker for packaging, and although the packaging to the Edwin Jagger items are simple in some ways, I think it’s what I love about it. I had an easier time disposing with the 89lbl box, but less so with the Brush box.  So in order to get the maintaining of an empty box in my bathroom past my wife (We really only have one bathroom, and it is becoming populated with my shaving items) I needed to give it a purpose.  And it came to me.  A holder for my used blades.



Some blades come in their own plastic container, like these Derby Blades that allows you to insert your used blades back into them as you use take a new one.  When you have worked threw your blades you just toss the box out.  Other blades simply come in a cardboard box, which present somewhat of a problem – that is if you have a conscience, or kids moving about your house.  A used blade should be treated in the same manner as a used needle.  Simply tossing it in the bin is unsafe, a used blade is still plenty sharp, and you run the risk of someone cutting themselves either within your house or after it has left for disposal.

Enter the Edwin Jagger Shave Brush box.  It is tall enough and wide enough to hold plenty of blades, I would imagine at least a year’s worth.  Once it get full I could empty them into a small box, tape it up and put it in the bin with confidence   Or better yet, tape up the brush box itself and use it as an excuse to purchase myself a new Edwin Jagger shave brush for the collection.

What are your thoughts?  How do you dispose of your blades?  Have your say.

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