A Soap for Cpt. Picard ~ Stirling Shave Co. Earl Grey Shave Soap

Price: 10
Cushion: 8
Slickness: 9
Scent Pleasantness: 7
Scent Strength: 4
Moisturising: 8

A few days ago I reviewed Stirling Shave Co. Frozen Tundra Shave Soap, it provided a pleasant experience and a good shave. I decided to follow that review with another offering from Stirling Shave Co., their Earl Grey selection and being – I’m not ashamed to say – a huge fan of Captain Picard I was excited.

IMG_20131021_114245Unfortunately, I feel that Captain Picard would have demanded more out of his replicator. I was rather impressed by the scent of the Frozen Tundra, it was an interesting departure from your ‘typical’ scents, and although the Earl Grey also offers a non-typical fragrance I found that it left me wanting more – more scent that is. Although I was able to pick up a whiff of the Earl Grey scent it was only with a bit of effort and even then a bit difficult to properly label it as Earl Grey (confirmed by my wife). Personally I prefer my soaps to have a somewhat stronger presence to them, but if you are of the opposite persuasion, then you may actually enjoy this soap.

I have decided to add an additional criteria to the above ranking system because of how weak the scent was in this soap. Which doesn’t necessarily make it a bad thing, just not the thing for me. I would imagine that there are others out there like me that are interested in the strength of the scent so from this review on it will be a standard element for ranking.

The scent may have let me down somewhat but the lather, as with the Frozen Tundra, did not. I found the Earl Grey a bit easier to lather. Nice cushion and more than sufficient slickness.

Overall the Earl Grey Shave Soap from the Stirling Shave Co. is not a bad product, especially if you take into consideration the cost. But if you are looking for something with a bit more punch you may want to try one of their other products.

Tools in photo:
Merkur “1904” Classic
Vie-Long Horse Hair Brush