A Look At Shave Sticks

If there is a product that gets overlooked in the wet shaving community, at least for those just entering it, it might be the shave stick, having to take a back seat to the luxurious shave creams, and convenient pucks of soap (which for the most part is just a shave stick in a bowl). But there is something appealing about the shave stick; it’s compact, usually inexpensive, portable, less clean up, and often faster than building lather in a bowl.

Although there are a few approaches to using a shave stick I prefer to simply use the stick directly on my face (see video below). With a damp beard and wet shave stick I rub the stick onto my beard ensuring that enough product is there for when I use my brush to build the lather. Arguably this method produces better results than bowl lathering because more of the product is on your face and seems to provide superior cushion.

Here is a selection of Shave Soap Sticks to consider:

Arko Shave Stick

Arguable the most iconic of all the shave sticks out there. Turkish made Arko provides a unique scent – some love it the smell – lemony I would say – others feel that it reminds them too much of a public washroom cleaner. One thing you can’t argue is it ability to produce lather. Luckily if you don’t love the smell it should fade fairly quickly. Full review here…

Derby Shave Stick

Somewhat similar to the Arko shave stick, Derby also offers a shave stick that is affordable, provides a nice lather along with a scent that is not necessarily loved by all. Full review here…



La Toja

Currently one of my favourite soaps and shave sticks. Spanish made La Toja differs from the above two brands mainly because it has a great scent to it, best described as a milky baby power – he need to try it to appreciate it. Along with the favourable smell the soap provides a fantastic shaving surface. Full review here…


There are countless other shave sticks out there. The three presented above are examples that I have had the chance to use thus far. The cost of most of these sticks, makes experimenting not only affordable but fun as well.