1965 Gillette Travel Tech – A Review

1965 Gillette travel techAfter three or four shaves with my 1965 Gillette Travel Tech I feel that I can confidently say that my first vintage razor purchase was a good one. This diminutive razor provided me with a remarkably close and comfortable shave (on par if not better than many of the razors i currently own or have used)every time I used it.

I generally stay, or at least stayed, away from vintage razors, figuring I guess that a new razor will generally out perform or perform just as well as an older model and I wouldn’t have to deal with issues of wear. If I learned anything from this first purchase is that if you find the ‘right’ vintage razor it really shouldn’t be an issue, plus you get the added nostalgic or classic feel that some modern razors are missing.

gillitte travel techThe most curious characteristic of this razor is obviously its size. It is without a doubt the smallest razor I have ever used. I wasn’t sure what to expect of the super short handle but I can say that it provided a surprising bit of control and was oddly comfortable. The only issue I ran into was on occasion when I would spin the razor to use the opposite side of the blade my fingers struggled a bit to find their place – if you have larger than ‘average’ hands the 1965 Gillette Travel Tech may not be for you.

Balance 4.5/5:

With such little weight to go around, and razor head being a standard size, the 1965 Gillette has great balance. This might be due to the slimness of the head. Whatever the reason, the razor felt evenly weighted.

Grip 3/5:

I’m not really sure how to score this one. Part of me wants to give it a score based on its size to grip ratio, rather than the standard for all other razors. But for the sake of keeping things in line I have to give it a 3 simply because there is little room for error.

IMG_6705Blade Exposure 2/5:

I found the razor to be fairly mild compared to many of my other razors; aggressive is not a word I can use to describe my experience with it.

Weight 3.5/5: 3.5

It is difficult for such a small razor to have much weight to it, but considering how small it is, it still feels like you are holding something of substance. The lack of weight didn’t come into play during my shave.

Price 4/5:

The razor shouldn’t set you back too much.  I found mine for $20, I would imagine one could find one for less. Not only is it a conversation piece, it provides a great shave.

If you were thinking of venturing into the vintage razor market the Gillette Travel Tech may be a great place to start. You get an interesting design and a great shave, unless that is you have big hands that is.