Tame Your Eyebrows

eyebrow-grooming-2-43You may own the most expensive double edge razor, achieve a BBS shave every morning, and have the greatest aftershave, but all of this is meaningless if you ignore grooming your eyebrows. Your eyebrows are one of the first things people notice, and really make a statement to anyone you encounter.

Whether you have the uni-brow, the bushy, or the unruly, you really should take some time to deal with those brows. You could go and get professionally groomed but I don’t think the expense is necessary. With some patience you can achieve what you are looking for. There are many option when it comes to your eyebrows; waxing, threading, plucking, but for most of us we could get what we are looking for by following a few steps.

1. Keeping a natural shape

One thing to keep in mind is that you are not looking to reshape your eyebrows, you are trying to shape them, keeping them in order is maybe a better way to think of it. For example you probably want to avoid thinning out your brow, but rather focus on those hairs that are out of line with your brow line.

2. Trim

Start by trimming using a small set of scissors taking off a small amount at a a time. Pausing to comb out the hair and access your progress. Be careful to not get too confident and remove too much.

3. Pluck

And of course there is the pluck for between your brows. Like the trim, you need to be careful to not get carried away in creating too much of a space. If you are not use to using tweezers it might take some time to get accustomed to it but don’t get discouraged.

Whatever method you choose, please for the love of everything that is good in this world, keep you eyebrows in check.  It is a simple, potentially time consuming process, but a necessary one.

A Short Arguement for Face Lathering

face latherFor the longest time I would only lather using a bowl, but I lately I have found that I have been leaving the bowl on the shelf an opting to simply face lather. I’m actually at a point where I feel like the bowl may be unnecessary for me outside of taking some photos of lather for a review that I have written.

I find myself less concerned with developing the perfect looking lather when I lather directly on my face. Instead I go by the way that the lather feels – whether it is too dry, too wet, or simply not enough soap or cream on the brush. I also feel that it preps my beard a bit better due to the extra attention from my brush.

I’m sure some of you have an argument for using a bowl, and there was a time that I would have only used that method, but I’m having a hard time seeing myself going back to the bowl. No bowl also means one less item to clean, or to purchase for that matter.

Have your say.  Do you a bowl or face lather? Take the bowl or leave a comment.

How do you build your lather?

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Whisky, Ink, & Lace Cedarwood Aftershave

20150717_112345-01I received a bottle of Whiskey, Ink, & Lace Cedarwood Aftershave a while back but never got around to writing a review, probably due to not really enjoying the aftershave all that much.  It isn’t that it is a poor product, but rather the cedar scent and me just didn’t agree.

If you like the outdoors or really enjoy the scent of the inside of a cedar chest you will probably enjoy this much more than I did. The cedar scent is blended with eucalyptus, which is also quite noticeable. Eucalyptus on its own I tend to enjoy, just not in combination with the cedar.  It just isn’t for me, maybe if the scent was a bit more subdued it would have made a difference.

Scent aside, the Whiskey, Ink, & Lace Cedarwood is very effective at doing what it is meant to do. My skin didn’t dry out after use and it did a great job with any nicks that I may have had. Another positive is that I found that a little bit went a long way. In fact the ingredient list is rather impressive, you can have a better look here, but I particularly like the use of both aloe and witch hazel in the product.

So in the end your decision is simple; if you really enjoy the cedar scent and are searching for a new aftershave this is it and you can find more information and ordering detail on their website  On the other hand if you are not an outdoors-man or don’t really have an affinity for cedar boxes – keep looking. I do plan to pick up a few more products from Whisky, Ink, & Lace, I just feel like the Cedarwood was the wrong place for me to start.

What is the best double edge razor?


A combination of being on summer holidays and a neglect of facial grooming (directly related to being on summer holidays) has resulted in fewer blog posts. But I’m clean shaven and back, and I thought I would start with one of the Internet’s favourite things – Lists!

Last month I put together a list of my top shave creams.  This month I thought I would look at razors. As I pointed out with the shave creams, a list like this is really dependent on the individual user, so this is more a list of my top double edge razors than the essential list.

My selections are based on the effectiveness of the razor, the overall feel, and how well that is balanced with the cost if the razor.

1. The Edwin Jagger 89lbl

edwin jagger 89lbl
If you have been reading this blog you will be more than aware that the Edwin Jagger 89lbl is and has been my go to razor for some time. There have been razors that have come close in knocking it off its pedestal but none have managed so far. The 89lbl is a relatively mild razor, the handle feels good and is nicely balanced and the price is right. Full review here.

2. The Merkur 37C


The Merkur 37C is the razor I break out when I have a few days growth. It’s a slant razor and on heavy growth days it does a fantastic job. I would say that it is a bit too aggressive for a day after day razor, but that could just be me. The 37C has a short handle that is easy to maneuver and has a good weight to it. It is generally a bit more expensive than a razor like the 89lbl, but in my opinion worth the extra few bucks. Full review here. 

3. The Merkur 43C


For the most part my shave routine rotates between the two razors I mentioned above, and really, if it wasn’t for running this blog I don’t think I would ever really need more than the two razors above, but my Merkur 43C also gets it’s turn in the rotation and I feel that it deserves a spot on the list. The 43C is one of the heaviest razors I own, the handle is long but also has some width to it, which provides a very different feel than most razor handles out there – double edge or otherwise. The head on the razor is the standard Merkur head which does a great job and is quite mild. The price might turn some people off, but you do get a lot of razor with the Merkur 43C.  Full review here.

I could have made this list longer, but I decided to really only highlight those razors that stand out for me. Hopefully it will give some of you a starting point, or perhaps help in your next razor.